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Mary facilitated a discussion where they spoke about the qualities of the animal and what that might teach us about them. They took this a step further by asking the children to explain what compassion or forgiveness means to them.

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In the most recent lesson, Shawn and Mary reviewed the animals Shawn had previously drawn and their characteristics. They built upon this by saying that now they get to create their own animals. The Teaching Artists had the children brainstorm about what animals they would like to create.

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Before the students could start drawing which they were all very eager to do! This is where I was introduced more into the fold. Mary asked me to go around and see if they need help getting the ideas out or writing things down. Sometimes when kids got stumped I coaxed more ideas out of them. | super HOG | Electro-Harmonix Forums

When this lesson was finished the children were still in the process of drawing rough sketches of their animals and discovering new qualities. Inspire lifelong learners by supporting arts education. Fundamentally change the lives of underserved kids. Train and work as a teaching artist and expand your passion for literacy and the arts into underserved classrooms. It will be smart.

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It will be subversive. It will be sublimely weird. Which gives me great hope that besides being a multiple NBA-championship-winning philanthropist who builds schools and produces documentaries that shine a light on those least illuminated, LeBron James could end up producing and starring in the best stoner flick since The Big Lebowski.

One without the asterisk that comes with incorporating a warbling paean to flight sung by the man who showed us just what a superhero Gayle King actually is. This week, I busied myself with a bit of public service journalism.

I went on the hunt for the perfect black stoner flick and kept coming up disappointed. How High is similarly distasteful. Half Baked is innocuous silliness.

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Newlyweeds is a bit uneven. Where is The Dude who dropped out after three semesters at Howard? Where are the black analogues to Abbi and Ilana?

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Or Harold and Kumar? In Space Jam — which somehow required not one, not two, not three, but FOUR screenwriters — like an epic adaptation of Doctor Faustus , Michael Jordan has retired from basketball and has moved on to baseball. He has a bulldog named Charles. Among elements that go unexplained: why the male-to-female ratio in Cartoon Land is so screwy.

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All of you are now our prisoners. OK, there is actually some defensible logic here.

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  • Cuando Dios susurra tu nombre (Nelson Pocket: Inspiracion) (Spanish Edition).
  • The aliens are about the size of guinea pigs and the Looney Tunes are … taller. The odds should be in their favor. The aliens take the deal, then set about sucking the talent out of a bunch of NBA players for their own use, like hideous, squeaky-voiced precursors to the Armitages of Get Out.

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    Because that could be a really nice way to complete this circle. None of the imaginary characters in this film seems to care much about bodily agency — not even their own. Can we just take a minute to recognize that Jordan has terrible friends in this movie? Not a one of them tries to save him. Eh, what do we care.